Deltek Project Information Management

Save time with easy access to project emails, documents and drawings in one central location -

reducing corporate risk and improving team collaboration

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Deltek Project Information Management

Empower your teams to be more efficient so they can spend more time on billable work.  Specifically designed for the AEC Industry, Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) is the one source of truth for corporate and project information, providing easy access to the latest versions of emails, documents and drawings.  Additionally, its cloud delivery option gives you the increased security, privacy and flexibility required in today's business environment.

Deltek PIM provides project management and collaboration tools designed to help employees access critical project and enterprise-wide information, so they can keep teams connected and working together most effectively

Proactively Manage Emails

  • Eliminate hours wasted every day management and organizing project emails
  • Keep email in a secure, central location instead of multiple copies across the company
  • Find email quickly by searching simultaneously across all projects

Simplify Document Management

  • Keep drawings, correspondence and submittals in one location so team members can access easily and quickly
  • Leverage version control to ensure everyone is working on the most current files
  • Create automated workflows to streamline the review process to keep projects on schedule and team members accountable

“AMR did a great job designing and delivering VantagePoint under tight timelines and during COVID (remotely) without missing a beat!”

John Nielsen