Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Payment-Focused User-Defined Components

Extend Deltek Vantagepoint’s core functionality using advanced technical design, build & automation toolkit.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Pay expenses without signing cheques
Retain control over expense approvals
With additional steps in existing process, EFT files are generated to upload to bank for processing
Converts US-only EFT files created by Vision/Vantagepoint for use by other banks:
  • Canada (CPA005, TD 80-byte)
  • Australia/Europe (ABA)
  • RBC USD payees
User-defined Hub, workflows, and scripts


Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and unlock the potential for processing an unlimited volume of payments through a straightforward and user-friendly process

Eliminate the need to have accountants tracks down signatories, mail out cheques, and manually reconcile the bank statement each month

EFT Process at a glance

Enter Expense/Voucher
Process Payments
Create EFT file
Convert EFT file
Upload to Bank

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