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ERP Replacement involves developing a thorough statement of ERP needs, finding the best solution to meet these needs, and then implementing that solution.

Systems, while adequate initially, eventually outlive their useful lives. Changing needs, user “unfriendliness,” old technology, company growth and diversification, lack of integration, and escalating maintenance costs are some of the factors influencing the need for ERP (enterprise resource planning) replacement. These projects involve developing a thorough statement of ERP needs, finding the best solution to meet these needs, and then implementing that solution.

 AMR Group is dedicated to helping project and time-based businesses meet expectations and best serve their customers with the integration of ERP replacement. This form of business structure and systems is designed to utilize your company’s resources to the best of their ability. Create a foolproof company-wide plan to operate at full force, making the best use out of your resources without wasting time or energy, with the help of our expert team. Let us help you find the right software system to help you reach your goals!

Needs Analysis

At this stage, comments on issues and problems with current systems, and the requirements of a new system, are obtained with input from all key stakeholders. Once this feedback is reviewed, a “needs” document that prioritizes findings is prepared.

Software Selection

Our services include researching options, short-listing vendors, facilitating product demonstrations, ranking vendors, and negotiating contract for products & services.

Software Implementation

Key tasks such as planning, training, data migration, configuration, acceptance testing, and programming must be delegated and managed for a process that could take many months to complete.

Key Implementation Steps

AMR’s experience with hundreds of successful implementations minimizes risk and ensures objectives are met – on time and within budget.




Database Design/Build









Increase Your Organization’s Profitability & Productivity

If your Canadian engineering, environmental, surveying, architectural and other consulting firm can accomplish projects more efficiently, it easily and directly translates to higher profitability; more projects can be accomplished in a reasonable time and in turn make your company more successful. AMR Group is proud to help empower your firm’s staff by identifying and resolving weak areas in your current ERP software, replacing it with better systems and processes. We are happy to help guide you through the entire design and implementation process, keeping you and your staff well-informed and trained to make better use of your valuable time, money, and other resources. You can count on our professional team to help optimize your current project development systems and help you deliver a high-quality output, through our signature ERP repalcement strategy. Learn more about us and all our products online now!

Take Advantage of Our Individualized Solutions

Your business is totally different than other Canadian businesses, and thus you may be experiencing certain, specific issues in how resources are managed. AMR Group is more than capable of analyzing your current ERP systems and taking a look at how it is ebenefits your clients and stakeholders. After some discussion with you personally, we are able to identify what your “needs” are in a ERP replacement and help you work towards a final product. Our organization is dedicated to finding solutions for each unique professional firm’s issues and managing everything from timing, to expense, billing, and daily processes. Browse all our project-centered services to learn more!

Experience Integrated Service & Training

As soon as any weak points are discovered in your professional firm’s ERP system, our AMR Group team jumps into action to help correct these issues. As we craft a brand new database or EPR system, we will work hands-on with your employees to ensure proper training in the new system is addressed and launched. It is our goal to outfit your organization with software and resource plans that set you up for success!

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Don’t gamble the future of your professional organization by relying on faulty, inefficient, or faulty ERP systems. AMR Group is here to ensure your time, money, manpower, and resources are used in the best way possible, identifying any potential issues and ensuring your projects get done right. Let us help you increase your productivity — contact us to get started now!

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