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Attract, engage and retain the top talent that helps you successfully deliver more value on your projects.


Employee retention is a top priority, so it’s important for your project-based business to effectively manage its modern distributed workforce. Talent Management helps you identify top talent outside and within your organization while engaging them in meaningful ways. Additionally, it provides opportunities for ongoing development and seamlessly manages your people needs by integrating with Costpoint or Vantagepoint. And with its cloud delivery, Talent Management offers the security, privacy and scalability required in today’s business environment.


Reach Top Candidates Faster
Shape strong teams and make better hiring decisions with an acquisition solution built with project-focused businesses in mind.
Workforce Visibility

Gain visibility across your workforce and ensure you have the right mix of skills and competencies to staff your projects.

Increase Engagement
Lead the industry and prepare for the future by leveraging performance management, development and learning opportunities.


Recruit the best and brightest

  • Keep your acquisition engine running at all times with drip campaigns with our Talent Relationship Management feature
  • Build your employer brand with a career portal that provides candidates with a consistent application experience
  • Streamline onboarding with checklists and action items and get new hires assigned to billable projects faster

Create a Culture of Learning

  • Manage risk by tracking required training, certifications and security clearances for highly regulated industries
  • Deploy courses provided by Vector Solutions, the leading provider of project-focused learning content
  • Take pulse surveys with the Survey Tool to quickly understand your workforce and make cultural changes as needed

Manage Performance and Development

  • Motivate and prepare your workforce for growth with continuous feedback cycles and project-based appraisals
  • Implement a companywide employee recognition board to drive higher engagement and celebrate accomplishments
  • Create succession plans for all roles including leadership and key individual project contributors

Smarter Compensation Management

  • Simplify your compensation review cycles with automated processes and controlled workflows
  • Give finance and HR full visibility into salaries and budget control with accurate calculations
  • Get a quick audit trail of salaries that make year-end processes easier



Find and onboard new hires with a consistent process and get them assigned to billable projects faster.


Develop and implement effective compensation plans to help drive retention.


Manage workforce credentials while preparing employees for the future with a variety of learning opportunities.

Performance and Development

Manage employee performance while accelerating development and increasing productivity.

Core HR for Professional Services

Acquire, develop and retain top talent with this HR management-focused solution.

Industry Best Practice Guide

Recommendations for Architecture, Engineering and Consulting Firms

Project Management

Financial Management

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