Cloud Deployment

Close to 50% of AMR’s Deltek clients now work in the Deltek cloud – streamlining their IT infrastructures, administration & costs – and making their data more secure. AMR’s proven migration approach ensures the Vision functionality and transaction processing currently relied on carries forward seamlessly to the Deltek cloud.

Common Drivers for Moving to the Cloud

Cybersecurity Risks
Struggling to keep up with evolving cybersecurity risks and compliance requirements.
Limited Resources

IT resources tied up maintaining and monitoring on-premises solutions.

Lack of Scalability
Additional infrastructure and set-up time needed to support your growing business.
Solutions Not Up-to-Date

Outdated servers and software are impacting performance and causing delays.

Operational Overhead
Maintaining your on-premises solutions are costing your business time and money.
Hidden Costs

Working with a third-party provider has resulted in hidden costs you didn’t budget for.

Power the Entire Project Lifecycle Securely

Join the majority of Deltek clients by moving your Deltek Vision or Vantagepoint software to the cloud and experience these benefits:
Fast and Easy Upgrades
Always have the latest version of Vantagepoint without tying up valuable IT resources for upgrades and updates
Increased Security & Monitoring

Secure and monitored 24/7/365 with confidentiality and diligence to protect your valuable assets

Disaster recovery
Constant and automatic database backups
Reduced Hardware/Software Costs
Eliminate costly time-consuming hardware/software upgrades and maintenance hassles with Deltek Cloud
As your company grows, you can quickly and easily expand your Vantagepoint solution by simply adding users, not hardware
Deltek handles issues that arise to free up your IT organization to focus on strategic initiatives

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