Project Initiation Form (PIF)

PIF – Project Initiation Form User Defined Components

Extend Deltek Vantagepoint’s core functionality using advanced technical design, build & automation tool kit.

Streamline information gathering to automate project creation
Approval workflow from PM to PA
Client-specific business rules can be applied to ensure information provided is correct
Full automation can create project from the PIF
Single user-defined Hub to enter all information


Consistent Project Data

  • Single Hub to gather project information
  • Maintain data integrity & consistency with specific rules
  • Easily add or modify project related data

Project Approval workflows

  • Approve/reject project creation using workflows
  • One-click project creation
  • Alerts to notify PMs and PAs

Benefits of PIF

  • Data consistency & Integrity
  • Quick & Efficient Project Creation
  • Easily configurable and customizable

PIF Process at a glance

PM enters project information
  • Validation rules report any issues
  • PA alerted when submitted
PA reviews submission
  • Validation rules report any issues
  • PA alerted when submitted
Automation creates project
  • PM alerted when created

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