Project Control Lite for Deltek


#1 – Building out the Employee Hub for Utilization Forecastin
" 1

Add a new tab in Employee Hub to input & store forecast dat

" 2

Grid data is searchable & can be downloaded to multiple file format

" 3

Related grids can be built and fields auto populated from other Vantagepoint database tables

#2 – Building out the Project Hub for Billing Control & Close-out Purpose
" 4

Add a new tab in Project Hub to input, track & highlight key billing & project close-out data

" 5

Checked boxes can fire email or Vantagepoint alerts to PMs & executives

" 6

Use Vantagepoint to support a standard project close-out process that transforms a database into a true knowledge base that will help deliver better projects and improve profitability

The AMR Lite Toolkit

Open SQL Database
Master File Generator
Screen Design Tool
SQL Scripting
Automation Tools

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